MapleSEA Dual Blade

13 09 2010

MapleSEA is about to release Dual Blade in 58 days time woot!




7 responses

9 10 2010

uhm … MSEA did announced that they were releasing DB in 90 days once right ?
dang MSEA is failing big, announcing something wil come in 3 months .. srsly why are they so slow with releasing it ?

11 10 2010

Hmm probably retarded

11 10 2010

ya saying im retarded ?

15 10 2010

im saying MSEA is retarded

15 10 2010

ooooh , haha agreed, gms is to with the cash mastery books, but it gives us an opportunerty to get masterybooks without haveing high lvls like me to hunt them

21 10 2010

Yea but waste cash

21 10 2010

cash = brought to the world to have fun fun = playing maple
playing maple = buying mastery books to make ur char stronger and
be able to continue a cool class … you can also wait for the
books in the FM.. but that is to expensive for me and i dont wanna
wait 11 months to have enough money to buy a lvl 55 skill when the
job is out for 11 months
I suck

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