Apple products (Singapore)

21 10 2010

Ok I recently bought the latest iPod touch4 which has the camera and it’s super cool!
apple has just released the new iLife 10 and the new MacBook air which is super thin. the OS X Lion will be the next OS system for the MacBooks and iMacs. Now you can use FaceTime using a iMac or a MacBook. That’s so cool as now I can chat using my iPod to any Mac as long as I have the email address of the person using it
After the OS X Lion comes out, we do not need to go around the Internet to search for Mac apps as now there will me a mac app store!
apple is so awesome


Apple products (Singapore)

11 09 2010

Today I went to Epicentre at Wheelock Place but there were no new apple products T.T
Well, may be the release date for Singapore and USA is different….
But to my surprise, there were many people at the shop! They were mostly looking at the MacBooks and iPads…
Oh yea the antennagate for the iPhone 4 seems to be fine
Haha sucks to be you Americans!
( please note: no offence) 😀